Summer 2018, Italy

Summer 2017, Washington D.C.

Summer 2016, Walt Disney World

We had so much fun during our Walt Disney World Tour! We were able to sing with a local choir at a nearby high school, as well as perform at Disney Springs. Since Disney holds a special place in all of our hearts, we also loved the free time we had at the parks and the rides and events we were able to go to as a group. Our favorite piece was a Disney Princess Medley (since Dr. Skadsem likes to refer to us all as Princesses). 

Summer 2013, Canada

Summer 2012, South Africa

As one of 5 choirs participating in the Ihlombe! Choral Festival from Classical Movements, the Women’s Glee Club traveled through South Africa performing in 4 concerts from Johannesburg to Cape Town. We saw beautiful African landscape and experienced incredible culture. We saw things we expected and things we didn’t expect. We made friends in choirs from New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, and California. It was a great opportunity to travel internationally to one location and have the chance to not only experience African culture, but also learn a little bit about the cultures of the other choirs singing with us. We kept a blog during this trip, which you can access here.

Past Tours

Southern Tour: Spring 2010 The Women’s Glee Club toured through four Southern cities this year—Lexington, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Nashville. We sang with the Phoenix Choir in Atlanta and the Birmingham Children’s Choir (which was started by our conductor, Dr. Skadsem) in Birmingham. The concert in Lexington was hosted by the UofM Bluegrass Alumni Group, and in Atlanta, by the UofM Alumni Alumni Group. For sight-seeing, we wondered through the Vulcan Museum and the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, the Coca Cola Museum and the Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, and miscellaneous locations. A picture gallery is available here.

Austria: Spring 2009 During the summer of 2009, the Women’s Glee Club had a wonderful opportunity to sing in Vienna, Austria by participating in the International Haydn Festival. When not rehearsing, members of the Glee Club got the chance to do some sight-seeing and enjoy local cuisine both in Vienna and on excursions to surrounding areas such as Schönbrunn Castle, Eisenstadt, and Rust. As a part of the Haydn celebration, they visited the town of Eisenstadt, where Haydn first found patronage at the Esterhazy Castle, and also got to sing in his chapel. The trip was highlighted with performances in some of the best music venues in the world. The Women’s Glee Club attended performances in the Musikverein, was featured in a chamber performance in the Palais Ferstel, and performed Mozart’s Requiem with performers from around the United States in the world-renowned Konzerthaus

Traverse City: Spring 2009 In May of 2009, the Women’s Glee Club went on a weekend tour to Traverse City. They were invited to sing for alumni in the area at the Lars Hockstad Auditorium. After a day of brunch at a local restaurant and sight-seeing in the city, the Glee Club performed selections from their fall and winter repertoire. They then enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and dessert at a reception hosted by the Alumni Association and got the opportunity to experience overnight home-stays with some of the alumni.

Eastern Tour: Spring 2007 In May of 2007 the Women’s Glee Club began their spring tour in Cleveland, Ohio. The WGC then traveled to Penn State in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. Events in Penn State included a joint concert with the Penn State Men’s Glee Club and director and UM alum, Christopher Kiver. After Happy Valley the WGC traveled to Philadelphia where UM alums hosted our third concert and final concert. The WGC then spent a night in New York City. Closing tour events included attending Broadway shows Lion King and Rent as well as breakfast at Tavern on Green

California Tour: Spring 2006 The Women’s Glee Club traveled to the West Coast for its first tour in six years. Conductor Gabriela Hristova and the WGC began the tour in Los Angeles, California. After a successful concert hosted by the UM Alumni Club, the WGC traveled to Orange County for a picnic with the UM Alumni Club and Michigan Spirit songs. The West Coast tour came to a successful close with a concert in San Diego. Outside of performances and rehearsals, the WGC enjoyed talking with UM alums as well as visits to Sunset Blvd. and the San Diego zoo.

International Tour: May 5-18, 2000 The Women’s Glee Club experienced their first international tour when they traveled to Europe during the Spring of 2000. The Concert Tour included visits to England, France, and the Netherlands. While in England, they performed in some of London’s neighborhood churches and also visited some of England’s famous landmarks, including the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. Upon arriving in France, WGC explored Paris and the surrounding areas with visits to the Notre Dame Cathedral, Chatres, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. The final destination of the Women’s Glee Club was the Netherlands, where they joined the Michigan State University Men’s Glee Club in several evening concerts.

Mini-Tour to Chicago: March 18-21, 1999 The Women’s Glee Club was invited to perform in Shelby High School’s Brand New Auditorium in Shelby, Michigan on March 18. The next day, the WGC traveled to Chicago where they performed an hour-long workshop with a local high school. After a day of sight-seeing and shoping, the WGC traveled to Wheaton, Illinois to perform with the fabulous Wheaton College Women’s Chorale.

Toledo Tour: April 20, 1997 The Women’s Glee Club was invited to perform along with the Ohio State Women’s Glee Club and the Miami Women’s Choir in Toledo in April 1997. The WGC performed selections from their Spring Concert.

Spring Tour: 1996 In 1995, the WGC travelled to Cincinnati, OH and Chicago, IL and performed in various locations in the two cities. The 1996 Spring Tour included stops at the following locations:
May 7 – Pittsburgh, PA at Chatham College
May 8-9 – Washington, D.C.
May 10 – Baltimore, MD at Towson State Univeristy
May 11 – Philadelphia, PA at Villa Nova
May 12 – Allentown, PA with the Community Music School choruses