Midnight Blue

In 2006, a vocal jazz octet (later to be named “Midnight Blue”) was formed in the University of Michigan Women’s Glee Club. The octet’s repertoire covered a wide range, including pop, doo-wop, hip-hop, be-bop, and side-splitting parodies. Since joining the Michigan A Cappella Council in 2010, Midnight Blue has earned a stellar reputation as the funniest, most beautiful, most talented, and most incredibly humble group on campus. Starting again in 2018 after a short break, the new Midnight Blue brings a brand new sound and an increase to 16 members!

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Members of Midnight Blue in 2019-20
Behind the scenes at our Fall 2021 concert!

Midnight Blue shares a passion for personal empowerment and expanding their musical horizons. They arrange all their own music, put on their own concerts, and foster a community of support that extends far beyond the rehearsal room. When they’re not rehearsing, you can probably catch them formulating ridiculous puns, going out for ice cream, or spending too much money at Pizza House!

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