Chair Members

Karenna Mansour

fundraising CHAIR

Karenna (she/her) is a sophomore in LSA from Fenton, MI. Outside of glee, she is a member of Wolverine Support Network and Michigan Youth Leadership. She is also an Alto 2 in Midnight Blue! After college she hopes to become a therapist.

The Fundraising Chair is responsible for overseeing all fundraising efforts. They also lead the Fundraising Committee.

Christina Toeller

WEBMASTER & Librarian

Christina (she/her) is a senior from northern California, double majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN) and Music. When she’s not librarian-ing or webmaster-ing, Christina is also the Music Director for WGC’s a cappella group Midnight Blue! She is passionate about making music with her “gleeple,” and always thankful for her ability to contribute to this wonderful organization.

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Women’s Glee Club website. The Librarians are responsible for organizing, distributing, and collecting music.

Emma Laible


Emma (she/they) is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering with a minor in music. They enjoy knitting and spending time with friends. A fun fact is that they are gluten free. WGC is so lucky to have them as a part of gleedership!

Librarians are responsible for organizing, distributing, and collecting music.

Emma Pickett

Men’s glee club Liaison

Emma (she/her) is a junior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in music. After college, she plans to become an engineer and hopefully do something involving space! She strives to help strengthen our relationship with MGC!

The Men’s Glee Club Liaison is responsible for maintaining relationships with the Men’s Glee Club. They attend both MGC and WGC Executive Board Meetings and organizes collaborations, both musical and social.

Maddie Fox

Merchandise Chair

Maddie (she/her) is a senior in the School of Education studying Elementary Education with a minor in creative writing. She will be graduating in April and hopes to move to Chicago to continue her teaching career. She loves to be creative in any way possible and is proud to be WGC’s Merchandise Chair!

The Merchandise Chair is responsible for designing and ordering Glee spirit items.

Sanya Bhatia

Social chair

Sanya (she/her) is a second year student studying cognitive science and drama in the Residential College. As social chair she hopes to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for WGC. She hopes to help create the wonderful experiences she has had with the club for others, as a way of giving thanks. Along with WGC she is also a part of Michigan Sahana as a Hindustani Vocalist and has participated in productions with RC Players.

The Social Chair plans fun events throughout the year to make sure all glee clubbers can get to know each other outside of rehearsal time.

Kely Rodriguez

Small Groups Leader

Kely (she/her) is a sophomore, majoring in Chemistry with hopes to become a forensic chemist. She really enjoys video games and music. In her time in Glee, she hopes to help us become an even more inclusive and welcoming group and bring us to our full potential.

The Small Groups Leaders help to coordinate Glee Club’s external sings including gigs, Blues at football tailgates, and other opportunities when only a small subset of club is necessary.

Ani Seigel

Small Groups Leader

Ani (she/her) is a freshman in the Residential College studying Arts and Ideas in the Humanities, with a possible minor in Sustainability. She’s also training to become a yoga instructor and is the lead singer-songwriter of performing and producing folk duo, Ani & Kora. In her free time she loves to read, hike, and find cool places to eat in AA!

The Small Groups Leaders help to coordinate Glee Club’s external sings including gigs, Blues at football tailgates, and other opportunities when only a small subset of club is necessary.

Megan Rush

Wellness chair

Megan (she/her) is a junior studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience with a minor in music. She hopes to attend graduate school for clinical neuropsychology and conduct research concerning how mental illnesses alter the brain. As the wellness chair, she coordinates events to promote mental health among club members. In the past, she organized a workshop on effective study strategies and stress reduction. In the future, she hopes to host more events and continue to provide a safe space for members to discuss any difficulties they face as college students.

The Wellness Chair’s role is to ensure that we are making music in a supportive, calm, and focused environment through organizing events and implementing mindfulness strategies.

Carolyn Schrader

Tour Deputy

Carolyn (she/her) is a junior studying communications with a minor in French. After college, she plans to move to France and pursue a career in marketing and/or PR. She enjoys movies, music, and spending time with her roommates. She is currently helping WGC’s tour manager, Hannah Bartels, plan our upcoming trip to Nashville, Tennessee!

The Tour Deputy is responsible for supporting the Tour Manager in planning and leading WGC on tours, both domestic and international. See our Tours page for more info!

Ellen Reed


Ellen (she/her) is a senior majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Music. Originally from Ann Arbor, she claims to have failed so far at her goals of moving somewhere far away. Ellen has been in Glee since her first semester at Michigan and it has been a very positive way for her to make friends and practice leadership. Outside of WGC, she enjoys cooking, fitness, working at the campus rec centers, and doing cool engineering stuff with Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering. After graduating in May 2022, she hopes to move out of Michigan and start a career in the aerospace industry.

The WoVAD Coordinator plans and runs the annual outreach event that happens in January.

Madeleine Shinder

Alumni Relations

Madeleine (she/her) is a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering. Outside of glee, she is on UM’s rocket team (MASA) and enjoys cooking and playing her electric guitar. She is also a soprano 2 in Midnight Blue. She looks forward to working and strengthening our relationships with alumni!

The Alumni Relations chair works with the Vice President to connect with our incredible alumni network. They also create semesterly newsletters called The Arioso!