Here are some of the unique reasons our members love WGC…


Second year PhD student studying American Culture

Glee has been such a joyful creative outlet during my time as a graduate student ❤️ It’s also an amazing way to make friends and get to know folks at UM outside the tiny niche world of my department!


Senior majoring in English

Joining Glee is honestly the best decision that I’ve ever made… I’ve always loved doing music so that part is great, but it’s really the social aspect that just made my college experience so much better. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it’s been wonderful singing with y’all

Allie Nold (she/her)

Sophomore majoring in Nueroscience

I love Glee because it gives me an opportunity to see my friends and make new memories with them every week. Additionally, I look forward to performing with the Women’s Glee Club on the Hill Auditorium stage every semester. I can’t help but smile when I hear all of our voices blend together.

Lindsey Brenton (she/her)

Senior majoring in Nursing

I love glee because it allows me to continue to sing in choir! It’s something I would have really missed from high school. It’s also so fun to be able to have another group of people to hang out with outside of my roommates.

Maddie Nolen (she/her)

Sophomore majoring in Asian Studies and Romance Languages with a minor in English

Glee has helped me improve my musicianship a lot! I was worried that after graduating high school I’d lose my connection to music, but being in Glee has made me a stronger musician than ever..

Meghan Wysocki (she/her)

Freshman majoring in Urban Technology with a minor in German or Music

I already love Glee because of how welcoming the community is. Everyone here is here simply because they want to make music as a community. My favorite memory so far is walking up State St. in the pouring rain after the second football game of the year. It was raining sideways, and at a certain point we all just started laughing because we were getting soaked together.

brook Star (she/her)

Junior majoring in Nursing

I have loved the friends I’ve made through glee and the wonderful events I’ve gotten to participate in! There are tons of opportunities for leadership and ways to get involved. Not only is the music fun to sing, the outside activities make glee into a welcoming community of people who love to sing.

Piper MILLER (she/her)

Junior majoring in Nursing

I really have enjoyed my time in glee! Everyone is super welcoming and i love the outlet that it gives me to sing!


Freshman majoring in Nursing

Glee has been an escape from the stress of the day and an amazing way to connect with new friends. I love singing with the altos and taking late night walks to ben & jerry’s!!

Lily Robinson (she/her)

Sophomore majoring in Gender & Health, Minor in music

It is a very empowering group. I feel supported by my sisters in a way I never have in a choir before.

Christina Jarad (she/her)

Sophomore majoring in Micro, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Women’s Glee is such a great way to maintain your love and passion for singing while in college. I have the amazing privilege of meeting so many people that stretch through all the different areas of study here at Michigan, some of whom I would not have the privilege of meeting otherwise, and coming together to bask in our common love of music!

Gabby Taichman (she/her)

Freshman majoring in History

Glee is really special to me because of the people. On top of the amazing sound we make, Glee is full of wonderful people. Ive never been accepted to a community faster and have made friends that I know have my back!

Grace Mischel (she/her)

Freshman majoring in Biology, Health and Society

Glee has given me a community of like-minded women who love music and singing, as well as a great new group of friends! In the short time I’ve been in the club, everyone I have met has been genuine, kind, and want to share in the joy of singing.

Karina Yang (she/her)

Freshman majoring in Environment

Going into college, I knew I wanted to find a place where I could continue singing, so joining was one of best decisions I’ve made so far! Glee has been a space where I can freely express my musical passions, while also growing in my choral experience. I’ve also been able to met so many lovely people who share the same love for singing!