Chair Members

Allison Redfern


Allison is a senior studying Industrial and Operations Engineering with a minor in Music.  She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and has been in glee club since the winter semester of her freshman year.  In her spare time she loves hanging out with her 9 crazy housemates, playing piano, and trying out new Ann Arbor restaurants.  She has made some of her best friends in glee club and loves her position as social chair because she gets to help other gLadies bond with their Sisters in Song.

Rhea Cheeti


Rhea is a senior majoring in Information with a focus on Analytics and minoring in Creative Writing. She’s been in Glee since the Winter semester of her sophomore year, and loves being part of such a vibrant and musical community! Outside of Glee, she loves playing piano, working with the Lloyd Hall Scholars program, hanging out with her dog, and trying out new restaurants in AA.

Emily Brumley


Emily is a sophomore from Menlo Park, CA, majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Music. Outside of Glee, she is an Event Partnership Coordinator for Dance Marathon and volunteers at the university hospital. She is also pre-med, loves playing guitar, anything related to dogs, and running.

Renata Terrazzan


Renata Terrazzan is originally from Walled Lake, Michigan and is in her sophomore year. She plans on double majoring in Biology, Health, and Society and International Studies with a minor in French. This is her second semester in Glee and is this year’s Alumnae Relations Chair. She is looking forward to all the upcoming years that she will have with sisters in song. 

Liv Keden


Liv is a sophomore and a Gender and Health major. She’s from Easton, CT. Glee was her first time being in a choir-like singing environment and she is loving it! Liv went to Italy with the glee club this past summer and had the BEST TIME EVER and some pretty amazing experiences singing in beautiful little chapels.

Amanda Naccarato


Amanda is a Sophomore from Long Island, New York studying Nursing. Outside of Glee Club, she is a member of the Michigan Marching Band. This will be her second semester in the Women’s Glee Club and she is so excited to be able to sing together with her friends and meet new people.

Shannon Kenny


Shannon is a Senior from Farmington Hills, MI majoring in Computation and Cognition with minors in Music and Computer Science. Outside of Glee Club, she is a Peer Mentor for incoming freshman and she loves to do yoga, play tennis, play volleyball, learn to code, and hang out with friends. Her favorite thing about club is being able to always meet new people at glee events and that everyone is so nice and supportive of each other. 

Liz Woelmer


Liz is a Junior studying Microbiology, and is really excited about starting her fifth semester of Glee Club. Her favorite part about Glee is being able to sing together in so many beautiful places like Hill Auditorium and Italy!

Paige Guyott


Paige Guyott is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, MI, and she is on a pre-med track. This is Paige’s third semester in Glee, and she is super excited to be contributing to the group through her position as historian. Outside of Glee, Paige is in a sorority and volunteers in numerous ways around Ann Arbor. Her favorite part about being in Glee Club is coming together to perform beautiful music with women from all over the world. ​

Jasmine Chang


Jasmine is a junior from Ann Arbor majoring in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, but still waffling about her degree and possible minors. Outside of Club, she is a member of the Quarterdeck Society, works as an Engineering Admissions Tour Guide, and assists with research for the NAME department. She loves to read, bake, and meet people playing Super Smash Bros. in the Computer and Video Game Archive on North Campus (one of the best places on campus in her esteemed opinion). Her favorite thing about Glee is meeting a group of people who are super caring and participating in all sorts of activities with them, and also that Glee requires her to be on Central Campus sometimes.



Nicole Banchik is a sophomore from Bucks County, PA. Nicole is studying Voice Performance and Communications with a minor in Performing Arts Management. She has been in glee since her first semester freshman year. She has loved being able to perform with such a talented and supportive group of women and cannot wait to step into the position of librarian and to help keep glee running as an organized and fun community!

Photos Courtesy of Hannah Brauer, Hannah Brauer Photography