Chair Members

Maddie Taylor


Maddie is a sophomore from South Lyon, Michigan studying Psychology. When she’s not singing, she enjoys hanging out with friends, dancing, and spending time outside. She has been in Glee Club since the beginning of her freshman year and has loved every second of it! She is looking forward to strengthening relationships with all of her friends in WGC and planning social events to help others do the same.

Veronika Misek


Veronika is originally from Temecula, CA but since moving to Ann Arbor when she was younger has become a true townie. She is a transfer student from WCC who is majoring in Sociology with a sub-major in Law, Justice, and Social Change and a minor in Community Action and Social Change. This is her first year in Women’s Glee! When she is not studying or singing she is most likely working, playing volleyball, or coaching volleyball. She loves French bulldogs and Starbucks and is so excited to see what Glee has in store for her!

Ambrielle Stoltz-Bango


Ambrielle Stoltz-Bango is a junior from Ann Arbor, MI majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience with a pre-med focus, and a minor in Music. This is her 6th semester in Glee! In addition to UMWGC, Ambrielle is the BookMARK Director for K-Grams and does research and volunteers at the AA Veteran’s Hospital. She loves to try new foods, listen to music, and take naps! As this year’s Small Groups Manager, Ambrielle is thrilled to share the awesome musical talent of Women’s Glee with other organizations and businesses around Ann Arbor.

Madeleine Mozina


Maddie Mozina is a junior from Kalamazoo, MI majoring in International Studies and Environmental Studies with a focus in international environmental policy. She is also a music minor, and this is her 6th semester in Glee! Along with UMWGC, Maddie works as a canvasser for Environment Michigan and participates in the University of Michigan Citizen’s Climate Lobby Chapter. Through her work and hobbies, Maddie serves as an advocate for the environment and a lover of music. She also enjoys drawing and origami. As alumnae relations manager, she looks forward to connecting past and current glee club members and fostering an everlasting sisterhood through song.

Katie Wiatrak

Wellness Chair

Katie is a current Pre-Med sophomore in the Residential College, from Birmingham, Alabama. She has always loved traveling and studied abroad in Spain last summer! She loves writing, watching classic movies, and photography. However, most of all, she loves to SING! Glee is the highlight of her week, and she is excited to see where it takes her! 

The Wellness Chair position is a new one inspired by Katie’s experiences as a student here at a competitive university, as well as the experiences of her friends. She noticed high levels of stress, neglect of self care, and distraction and found it is necessary to reserve little moments of tranquility throughout the day. When making music, it is important to remain centered and focused, however, when students bring outside stressors into the rehearsal room, this can result in chatter and distractions. The Wellness Chair’s role is to ensure that we are making music in a supportive, calm, and focused environment through organizing events and implementing mindfulness strategies.

Jane Schmid


Jane is a senior studying Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience with a minor in Gender & Health. She will be attending Michigan in the fall to earn a Master’s in Public Health and hopes to become a registered dietitian! This is only her third full semester in Glee but she has been singing in choirs and in theatre since the 5th grade. Besides singing, she is a certified yoga instructor, loves running, and runs a food Instagram!

Maria Viscomi


Maria is a junior from Dearborn, Michigan, double majoring in English and Communications Studies. Aside from glee, she is also the secretary for WGC’s a capella group, Midnight Blue. When she isn’t at glee club or Midnight Blue rehearsal she loves to read, spend time with her friends (who are all from glee anyway), binge Netflix shows, and to listen to Broadway musicals religiously. Maria considers joining glee club to be one of her best decisions in college, and can’t wait to make more memories with her sisters in song!

Amanda Naccarato


Amanda is a Junior from Long Island, New York studying Nursing. Outside of Glee Club, she is a member of the Michigan Marching Band. This will be her third semester in the Women’s Glee Club and she is so excited to be able to sing together with her friends and meet new people.

Fiona Lynch


Fiona Lynch is a sophomore in the Residential College majoring in History and probably minoring in Spanish. This is her second year in Glee, and loves being a back row alto! She is so excited to bring together women from all around Michigan to support and lift each other through song! 

Ellen Reed


Ellen Reed is a sophomore from Ann Arbor, MI studying Computer Engineering. On campus she is also a member of the Society of Women Engineers. Ellen enjoys fitness, being outdoors, making food and making music in her free time. Her favorite part about glee is meeting women from all different majors who share love for music.

Jasmine Chang


Jasmine is a senior from Ann Arbor majoring in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Outside of Club, she is a member of the Quarterdeck Society, works as an Engineering Admissions Tour Guide, as well as conducts research for the NAME department. She loves to meet people playing Super Smash Bros. in the Computer and Video Game Archive on North Campus, among other things. Her favorite thing about Glee is meeting a group of people who are super caring and participating in all sorts of activities with them.

Christina Toeller


Christina is excited to be a librarian for WGC this year! She is a sophomore from Los Altos, CA, majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience with minors in Music and Intergroup Relations Education. When she’s not reorganizing folders or high-fiving her fellow librarian, Jasmine, she’s probably busy being a Music Director for WGC’s a capella group Midnight Blue. Christina’s a proud Soprano 1, even when her heart longs to hit the low notes of an Alto 2, and she’s ready to help make this another fantastic year in Glee!

Reagan Nelson


Reagan is a sophomore from Clinton Township, Michigan majoring in neuroscience on a pre-med track. She joined Glee Club first semester of her freshman year, and it has been one of her favorite college activities so far. Outside of glee, Reagan loves to watch and (occasionally) play volleyball and listen to a ridiculous amount of musical theater songs. She is especially excited to plan cool fundraising events this year as well as become even closer with her glee gals.

Emma Mendez

DEI Chair

Emma Mendez is a freshman from Oak Lawn, Illinois. She is super excited to be this year’s DEI chair! She plans on majoring in chemistry and minoring in Spanish on a pre-med track. Emma is currently involved in Glee, research, HSSP, and Couzen Hall’s Multicultural Club. Outside of Glee she loves to hang out with friends, listen to music, run, dance, and watch Netflix. 

Emma was first exposed to the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion her sophomore year in high school learning about the underrepresentation of women in the workplace, especially the STEM field. Before her senior year of high school she attended a STEM academy which really opened her eyes to the importance of incorporating diversity into the workplace and our society because each person brings a new perspective and story. As Glee’s DEI chair Emma can’t wait to form a tighter community highlighting the importance of each one of our stories and backgrounds! Women’s Glee is definitely the highlight of her week and she can’t wait to continue having the best four years with everyone in the club! 

Photos Courtesy of Anna Chewter & Susan Erickson